About Your Stager

Hello, my name is Misty Welter and I am your home stager. I would like to tell you a bit about myself and my experience.

First and foremost, I am a Mom! I have three beautiful children ages eleven, nine, and six. My children are very active in activities such as Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, piano, cheerleading, karate and soccer. Something that has always been very important to me is to have a career that allows me the flexibility to be around for my children, as well as do something I love. Home staging offers me just that. As my children grow, and are in school longer, it allows my business to grow as well.

When I started staging homes in 2007, I had recently bought and sold a home with my family. While on the market against our exact floor plan listed $15,000 less than ours, we sold our home for more than any other house in our neighborhoods history. That proved to me two things: first is that staging is an absolute must when selling a home and second I should do this for a living.

I have a few core beliefs when it comes to staging your home. Starting with the fact that staging your home will add value to your home without spending a lot of money. It doesn't take much to make your home appeal to the most buyers. Next, a staged home will sell faster than an unstaged home. In today’s market, buyers want to be impressed when shopping for a home, and a staged house will do exactly that, impress! Lastly, that you still need to be able to live in your home while it is on the market. If you research home staging some of the information you find is quite intimidating, and often cause you to wonder “do I need to move to a hotel while my house is staged?” The answer is simply NO!

Besides my experience staging homes, I also have a background in construction. I have worked in the HVAC industry, electrical industry, I know how to install ceramic tile and spent some time remodeling homes. I offer minor Handy Woman services to my clients, including tile work, painting, light plumbing, light electrical and many other odd jobs. I have plenty of hands on experience to get the dirty work done, which will save you the time and money of hiring additional contractors.

I love helping homeowners sell their homes, and usually it can all be done for less than it would cost you to lower the listing price.